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At Hotel Curracloe, we understand the thrill and excitement that comes with a day out on the water, casting your line and reeling in a big catch. That’s why we are proud to offer unparalleled amenities and services tailored for fishing enthusiasts.


Whether you’re here for pleasure fishing, competitive angling, or part of a fishing club, we’ve got you covered. Our prime location puts you just a few moments away from some of the best fishing spots in Ireland, ensuring you spend less time travelling and more time doing what you love.


But it’s not just our location that sets us apart; it’s our commitment to providing an exceptional fishing experience from start to finish. When you stay with us, you can expect:


Equipment cleaning facilities:


We understand the importance of keeping your fishing gear in top condition. That’s why we offer complimentary cleaning facilities for all your fishing equipment. Our state-of-the-art cleaning station ensures your rods, reels, and tackle stay in pristine condition throughout your stay.


Bait storage:


Keep your bait fresh and ready for action with our fridge facilities dedicated specifically for bait storage. Say goodbye to melted ice and spoiled bait – with our specialised bait fridge, your bait will be as fresh as the moment you bought it.


Expert advice:


We offer expert advice tailored to the unique characteristics of the Wexford coastline. Our dedicated contact is ready to assist you with insider tips and recommendations to enhance your fishing experience.


Comfortable accommodation:


After a long day out on the water, retreat to the comfort of our cosy accommodations. Relax and unwind in our well-appointed rooms, equipped with all the amenities you need for a comfortable stay.


Delicious dining and warm hospitality:


Indulge in our delicious dining options and experience warm hospitality throughout your stay. Our restaurant offers a delectable selection of fresh local seafood dishes, prepared to perfection by our Executive Chef Chris. After a day of fishing, unwind with a hearty meal and enjoy the friendly service of our attentive staff.


Don’t settle for anything less than the best when it comes to your fishing getaway. Experience the ultimate fishing retreat at Hotel Curracloe. Book your stay with us today and get ready to reel in the memories of a lifetime!

World Championships

This November, the spotlight shines on Wexford as it plays host to the prestigious World Championship Shore Angling event. In a celebratory launch held tonight at Hotel Curracloe, the Irish Federation of Sea Anglers unveiled plans for this international spectacle. This championship promises to thrust Wexford into the global limelight, showcasing our breathtaking coastline to hundreds of thousands of angling enthusiasts worldwide.

A special round of applause for Wexford’s very own young talents – Max Roche, Kai Butler, and Cormac O'Connor – who will carry the Irish colours at the World Championships. 


Mark Your Calendars! World Championship Dates: 2nd – 9th November 2024


Let's celebrate as Wexford takes centre stage, bringing together the best in international shore angling. This event not only highlights our exceptional coastal beauty but also aligns with the spirit of adventure that Ireland stands for.  Join us in this momentous celebration!  

To book a stay during these special date contact us directly on (053) 3137308 or at for the best rates available - always with breakfast included! 

A world of fishing awaits - a guide to 
the best locations nearby!
Curracloe Beach

Known for its stunning scenery and abundant marine life, Curracloe Beach offers excellent fishing opportunities. Anglers can expect to catch species such as bass, flounder, cod, and mackerel from the shore or by wading into the surf.


Raven Point


Located at the southern end of Curracloe Beach, Raven Point is a favourite among anglers seeking solitude and excellent fishing conditions. Here, you can target a variety of species including bass, sea trout, mullet, and dogfish.


Wexford Harbour


Just a short drive from Curracloe, Wexford Harbour is a bustling fishing hub with plenty of opportunities for anglers of all skill levels. Expect to catch species such as bass, cod, pollack, wrasse, and even occasional sea trout.

Tinnaberna Bridge


Situated along the River Slaney, Tinnaberna Bridge is a hotspot for coarse fishing enthusiasts. Here, you can target species such as bream, roach, perch, and pike in a peaceful and scenic setting.


Blackwater River


The Blackwater River is a prime destination for salmon and trout fishing. Anglers flock to this scenic river to try their luck at catching these prized game fish.


Curracloe Lake


This tranquil lake offers excellent coarse fishing opportunities. Anglers can expect to catch species such as carp, bream, tench, and roach in abundance.


Ballyconnigar Strand


Located near Blackwater, Ballyconnigar Strand is a picturesque beach known for its stunning views and productive surf fishing. Anglers can target species such as bass, flounder, and sea trout from the shore.


Morriscastle Beach

Morriscastle Beach is a popular spot for beach fishing enthusiasts. With its expansive sandy shores and easy access, anglers can cast their lines for species such as bass, flounder, and sea trout.

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